Palma ISAF World Cup Report

The Palma ISAF WC was the first regatta of the european cicuirt. We had two solid weeks of training with the Aussie Nacra 17 Squad prior to the regatta, where we made some big developments as well as point out a lot of areas in need for improvement. For the regatta the winds presented some challenges for WD Sailing with the first 2 days of racing in very light winds. With the goal going into regatta to improve on starts, particularly in the light winds, these conditions gave us a good opportunity to see what we could do. We were happy with the improvement from Miami but still aiming to push harder on winning the starts in Hyeres, so watch out Nacra fleet!

It was really great to race a top fleet again with certan countries showing different strengths. With 72 boats, the fleet split into two and once the fleets were seeded into silver and gold that's when the wind started to play ball with some hectic gust around the top marks and the top 10 boats just chilling at the top mark until they were game enough to bear away. We pushed hard but we were too much in survial mode and know we can push it harder next time. These strong winds made for an interesting spectacle and showed what awesome boats the Nacra 17s are.

The temperamental winds persited throughout the regatta but the race comittee was able to get a total of 10 races in for the series. It wasn't our best regatta results wise, however with the quality of the fleet and the lessons and motivation we have taken away from it, it was a very successful regatta. We placed 16th overall and are now in Hyeres, the venue of the next World Cup event working on the elements that we need to improve on so we are ready on the 20th to battle 82 Nacra 17s with determination to execute and improve on our results.




About WD Sailing

WD (Waterhouse Darmanin) Sailing is a Nacra 17 Team with one clear objective. To win Gold for Australia. In 2016 we won a Silver Medal in the Mixed Multihull Event. Its time to fly the hulls in Tokyo and continue the quest.  Jason Waterhouse and Lisa Darmanin, cousins from Sydney's northern beaches want you to share their journey.